Hallyu Wave : The Fashion Scene

ImageKPOP has gone global with its unique music. The increasing popularity of Korean Pop all over the world is staggering. It started in 2009, when these KPOP music videos started springing out on Youtube and vastly spreading in the West. Soon enough, the Hallyu wave began invading the whole world, with its numerous boy groups, girl groups, male solo artists, female solo artists and the popularized ‘ulzzangs’ (meaning best face).

Haters and the non-supporters of KPOP argue that the music does not suit worldwide fame. Mainly because it does not use the english language. However, KPOP fans answered this by stating that the music itself is the important part. As one musician from the Philippines said: “Kanya-kanyang taste lang yan.” (We all have different tastes in music.)

Of course, KPOP is nothing without its unique and creative fashion. Ever since the hallyu wave started, different and out-of-this world clothes have been popping out of the fashion scene. This is known as the “KPOP Style“. KPOP Groups that have been known for their unique fashion senses are 2NE1, Big Bang and SHINee. The bright-colored, shimmering outfits and thick rimmed eyeglasses make them stand out most of the time. These three groups may also have been famous in the fashion scene due to their ‘resident fashionistas‘. 

2NE1’s leader, CL has been getting attention from fans and fashionistas all over the world, because of her unique dresses and outfits made by the ever famous designer, Jeremy Scott. It is no doubt that CL is always seen wearing his label because she is Jeremy’s muse.

CL’s labelmate, GD is the leader and fashionista of the KPOP boy group, Big Bang. It is certain that if you watch their music videos, you’ll probably say: “What the hell is he wearing?” However, that is one of the reasons why he gains many fans. He makes Big Bang unique. Extreme hair extensions, thick eyeliner, and so much more. Don’t even think that he’s gay, because he isn’t. That’s just how it is in KPOP, boys are sometimes prettier than girls.
SHINee’s unique member is Key. From time to time, he changes hairstyles, haircolor and even his way of wearing his clothes. He is considered as SHINee’s wardrobe. The group has been labeled as “Flower Boys” during their debut days, but after that, the boys showed off great skills and great sense of fashion. Key attracts the fashionista’s eye the most. His shorts, boots, glasses and unique jackets mark him off as the fashion king of SHINee. 
The KPOP world gave us korean music and a new fashion style as well. The bright colors, the shining jackets and the colored jeggings. A new wave of fashion also hit us. It’s unique, it’s new and it’s different. Something that would most probably make people stare, think and stare even more. KPOP made a new wardrobe for the world’s fashion. 

KPOP is the new trend in music and in the fashion scene too.