Corso Como Seoul : SHINee’s “Unique” Outfits


We know for a fact that SHINee’s got STYLE. At Corso Como Seoul, a lot of KPOP Idols walked the carpet in beautiful gowns, dresses, suits and even costumes. Once again, SHINee’s brought something UNIQUE to the fans and viewers’ eyes. Although they were incomplete, SHINee managed to snag the photographers’ attention towards them with their unusual look. The newspaper boy, the businessman and the nerd. SHINee style. Somehow I find their outfits kind of weird at first but hey, it’s good to put up a show! It may not be pleasing to everyone’s eyes but it’s unique and colorful. 

Through the years, SHINee kept improving in every aspect. Singing, Dancing, and even fashion. During their debut years, they all looked like the usual korean boygroup singing cheesy songs for noonas. Now, they’re one of the top runners in the K-music industry and their fashion sense is to be admired for. Wherever they are, they’re fashionistas. A huge leap from the boys who debuted back in 2008, to the hot artists that they are now in 2013.

I’m proud to say, that I am a big SHINee fan. Yep, I’m a shawol specifically a Locket. Before I even started to like KPOP, I’m already a fashion enthusiast. After learning about SHINee, that’s when I started to appreciate KPOP fashion and its uniqueness. 

So thanks SHINee, even if you look kinda funny some days ago, you’re still fashionistas, especially you, Key! 


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